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You are an elite warrior who stalks the monstrosities
that threaten your tribe and savage your land.
With every tattoo inked in the blood of the beasts, 
you claim more power.
With every kill, you prepare to face stronger foes.
Only the most determined, vicious, and
cunning Beast Hunters survive.
Will you?

Set your wits and weapons against the deadliest of beasts. Challenge them, kill them, and use their blood in the ink of the tattoos commemorating your victory — and claim a portion of their power.

Beast Hunters uses innovative mechanics for conflicts. Through the power of your creativity, you have an unlimited array of actions and maneuvers at your disposal. The game is set in an evocative fantasy-post-apocalyptic tribal setting and includes 20 unique beasts with numerous custom tattoo designs, adventure seeds, detailed advice for how to play and run the game, ink-washed illustrations, and more.

The original Beast Hunters was a runner-up for Independent Game of the Year and Most Innovative Game at the Indie RPG Awards 2007. This brand new 105-page Bloodcarved Edition is completely revamped and overhauled with the benefit of 12 years of  feedback and experience.  It scales seamlessly from two (GM and one PC) to five players.

If you own the first edition, are marginalized, or are experiencing economic hardship, please make use of the minimum $5 price.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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